Here is a fun way to  present pastels (or other art medium; be it markers, colored pencils, etc.) to children. A recycled piece of cardboard acts as the 'carton' and a piece of scrap paper labels the fused warm colors. Another great storage device may be a recycled glass jar with the 'label' attached on the outside. 

 Springtime Palette 

Spring is upon us, here in northern California, and all around us the trees are beginning to sprout leaves of various shades of green and yellow. I have always found invaluable inspiration in nature and was inspired to offer children a palette of colors that reflected this seasonal change.  

Simultaneously, the materials offered in the school's atelier also reflect this 'springtime' palette by way of various found materials, floral arrangements, and other art medium. 

So, having selected the color palette from which to create, I equipped myself with a paint brush, eight mason jars, and white, yellow, green, and blue tempra paint. I began the color mixing (having no formal color theory training) and developed these colors (above) through trial and alteration. 

Coming Soon... more DIY projects and other inspiring ideas with found materials!